Syedpur of Jagannathpur Upazila of Sunamganj district is known as a traditional village. Syedpur, a village in memory of Hazrat Shah Shamsuddin (R), one of the 3 Auliya of Sylhet. Who is sleeping in the courtyard of Syedpur Dargah Mosque? Many blessed people whose blessings were born in Syedpur.

The founder of Syedpur Pilot High School is not a single person; It is a crop of concerted effort. Among the shades of Syedpur that were studied at other institutions in 12-5, there was an urge to establish a school in Syedpur. It was a dream then. Those who pledge to make a dream a reality, only the thoughtful person is able to realize how much they sacrifice. As a first real step, on a rainy day, the students mentioned in the house of Dr. late Syed Ashab Mia (father of master Syed Abul Fazal Tunur) in Gyogarh came together for a meeting. Students and youth met with Syed Ashfaq Hossain Farooq (Part Secretary, Bangladesh High Commission, London) at the post office at the first consultation meeting in front of the initiative of establishing a high school. Syed Amirul Islam Fakhrul, Syed Abdul Malik, Syed Nazmul Hossain, Professor Sheikh Muhammad Asadar Ali, Syed Sirajul Islam were present in the meeting.

Later, the visiting students met at the Halichara field of the village at a consultation meeting with Mr. Syed Abdul Malik (former GM of Bangladesh Bank), then College student Mr. Syed Amirul Islam Fakhrul, Mr. Md. Abdul Khalik (former Chairman) and others. In the meeting, Syed Abdul Malik advised that all the students studying in different schools at that time should come to the proposed Syedpur school. Within a few days, the students returned from their respective schools to get admission in the new school. It would not have been possible to establish a school if all these students had not come to Syedpur school at that time with the exemption certificate. Thus, on the morning of March 7, on a beautiful morning, the school started its auspicious journey in the bungalow of Syed Ajmal Ali Sahib at Chowdhury's house. It is reported that no financial support was received at the beginning of the school's establishment. All four - Syed Abdul Malik, Md Abdul Khalik, Syed Amirul Islam Fakhrul, and Syed Temus Ali - started teaching at the school without pay. In the beginning, only the students' salaries and some days after the monthly contribution of the money, the expenses of the school are incurred. A few months after the start of school, Maulvi Syed Shafiqul Haque quit his job at Pilgaon High School and joined Syedpur Junior High School. He made a significant contribution to the formation of the school. From the inception of the school, the late Syed Abdul Mannan Master assisted in all kinds. He was the first secretary of the school committee. Throughout his life, he has contributed to the development of the school. Mr. Syed Abdul Malik was the founding headmaster of the school. In addition to the four men mentioned earlier, those who have been teaching without pay are the late Syed Kabir Ahmad Advocate, Syed Moazzam Hossain Banker, Syed Nazmul Hossain.

The school was set up at Chowdhury house at present place from 3-5. The current location of the school was determined by the renowned economist Dr. Akhlakur Rahman and the late Syed Arjumund Ali. Syed Arjumund Ali was one of the pioneers in establishing the school on a sound basis from birth. His contribution to the overall improvement of the school is undeniable. He was the first president of the school committee. At the initiative of the late Syed Mujibur Rahman, the school initially received government grants and all kinds of help. The late Dr. Syed Mohiuddin (uncle Mia) is the only person who donates his land to the high school.

In 6, the school was upgraded from junior school to high school with the continuous efforts of Syed Arjumund Ali and Syed Mujibur Rahman. In the first year, students from the first school were allowed to take the SSC exam. From then on, the school became known as Syedpur Bi-directional High School.

With the financial support of the expatriates, the former power plants were built. Notable donors are Syed Mantaz Ali (Manta Mia), Syed Shamsul Haque Paki Mia), Syed Anhar Mia.

Later, under the pilot project, including the school's science building, other buildings were set up with government grants. Syed Jogulul Pasha (C-Assistant Secretary) made a significant contribution to the acquisition of government buildings. Then, the school was renamed as "Syedpur Pilot High School" and a two-story building was constructed under the pilot project in 3-4, under the pilot project. From then on, the name "Syedpur Pilot High School" became widely known, including the Ministry of Education.

In this school, the journey of the SSC program started by "Bangladesh Open University" started at 7. Every year, many students who fall into the storm are getting the opportunity to pursue higher education through SSC. It is the only Bangladesh Open University SSC Program Tutorial and Testing Center in Jagannathpur Upazila.

Later, a multi-storeyed building was constructed in the 27th from the Directorate of Education Engineering of Bangladesh. In the same year, a virtual computer lab from the Bangladesh Computer Council is helping students progress one step further in modern information technology. With the financial support of the Managing Committee and the rich people of the area, the construction of the 3-foot-long and 3-foot-wide boundary wall was completed.

At present, the construction of another multi-storeyed the building is completed by the Department of Education Engineering in the financial year 20-27. The Syedpur Pilot High School will be an attractive self-contained school when the AA multi-story building is completed on the west side of the school.

Mr. Syeda Nurun Nahar, the current Head Teacher for the overall improvement of the school and Mr. Syed Rashid Ahmed Ehsan, the son of the late founder of the school, Mr. Arjmond Ali, the honorable president of the school's regular management committee, educated member of the affidavit, Mr. Zahid Syah, Mr. Nabha Syed. Are doing

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